Truly, madly, deeply

Truly, madly, deeply

Truly, madly, deeply

I fell for you

The night we met

By that week’s end

I was your addict.

Your arms around me

I could never get enough.

The feelings weren’t one way

We craved each other

We hated being apart.

We dreamed

Our land  we would travel

In our safari suits,

You planned

Remember 3am?

My early morning wake up?

The fun we could have.

Pancake parlour,

Lots of play.

As suddenly as you appeared,

You would disappear

Each time breaking my heart,

To ever smaller parts.

Just as I was healing

You would come,

Declare your love,

Then disappear again.

I hesitated this time.

You came with such sincerity.

This would be different

You would show me how.

You knew what you wanted now.

I opened my still fragile heart.

Then once again,

You disappeared.

No explanation.

Leaving it to my

Over active imagination.

I have shed an ocean of tears,

Written a thousand pages.

Words in anger,

Of love

Concern, despair and hope.

Through all of this,

I have loved you.

Truly, madly, deeply.

And love you still.

You are my last thought

As I fall to sleep.

The first as I wake.

Tried to keep channels open

But each attempt,

Met with contempt,

Sorry I took so long.

I was baffeled and confused.

I think I get it now.

Though I will never know the reason why,

I will heed your wish.

You know my promise is my word.

Madly, Truly, Deeply,

I love you,

It hurts like crazy,

On your special day,

This gift I give to you

To let you go.

To say goodbye.

That is your wish,

This I have surmised.


My love


Love of my life


The only one I want.

I wish you sweet life.

Happy Birthday

Of course if I got it wrong you know how to find me.


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