I hate you

I hate you

I hate you

Dear Ex

How do you sleep at night? Do you sit down and think of the things you do and did? Words can’t even explain how much you’ve hurt me. I do regret being with you. When we first met I wasn’t really interested in you because you were so clingy and whatever and when I do finally accepted you, things change. It’s like the person I fell in love with is jot the same person now. It only prove to me that many people in this world are fake and they wear sheep clothing when they really are wolves.

Truth to be told, I could go many days without talkin to you but you will cross my mind every time. I hope one day you really grow up. Sometimes apologizing for the wrongs you did and try workin on the mistakes would have been better than just lead I go. If you knew you wouldn’t change.

I’m sorry I am not the right girl for you. I do wish you all the best in your life, I may not hate you as much as I should but I do hate you, I more hate myself for not listening to the people who warned me about you

Thanks to you I don’t believe in love anymore notpr happily ever afters. I do know what goes around comes around and when you fall in love with a girl I hope she hurt you and make you suffer


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  1. Mahadi 5 years ago

    Very Good…..

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