You claim you love me…

You claim you love me…

You claim you love me…


You did it once again. You managed to take my wounded heart and smash it against the ground for the millionth time. You claim you love me and no girl could ever compare, but your actions don’t support that. Its almost a year since we broke up… I’ve never had this much trouble letting go. I never loved someone this much.. It’s crazy how much I fucking miss you. I can’t believe you said what you said to me today…I’m so done with just being an option. I deserve more then that. i don’t want to be your backup plan. I don’t want to wait around for you until you’re ready to settle. I don’t need this anymore. Quite frankly, I don’t need you. It’s sad how oblivious you truly are. It’s even sadder how you can’t appreciate what’s in front of you. This will all be in clear and you’ll finally see things for what they truly are.. When that time comes I’m sure itll be a little too late.

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