I thought things would change.

I thought things would change.

I thought things would change.

To Brittany,

I’m still so hurt.

I feel betrayed that I accepted you back after into my life after you broke up with me the first time. You wrote such a lovely letter explaining to me how stupid you were for breaking up with me, and that you would wait forever for me to forgive you.

How could I not forgive you. I loved you so much. Everyone makes mistakes, and I thought that giving you a second chance would be a mature thing to do.

When I accepted you back into my life, I told you that things needed to be different for this relationship to work. I said that I wanted us to work on our communication. I felt that if you talk about what was bothering us we could work through our problems.

I start to become more open with you, and told you fears I had about the relationship, and our future together. Telling you this stuff felt great. I been holding so much stuff back out of fear that you would over react.

You on the other hand became more cold, and distant. You became very angry at me for stupid stuff such as not understanding the play that you wrote, and not thinking that it was funny.

I was a fool to believe that you would not break my heart again.

I was crushed when you broke up with me the second time. I have not been able to stop crying for two weeks now.

How could  you go from saying “I love you, and I think we are meant to be together” to “I don’t have any feelings for you anymore” within 5 days?


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