You lost me at hello…

You lost me at hello…

You lost me at hello…

Dear you,

What am i supposed to say. I wasnt you’re longest relationship, I wasnt you’re best, I wasn’t the cutest,skinniest,smallest,But i had a beating heart that would beat for you. Everyday I think about what we couldve been. I remember talking to you two years ago, but you wouldnt date me. You were my best friend. But you changed, you changed alot. And even though I ended us, It still hurts. I know you didnt love me. I know you liked her more, but i tried, I fucking tried to be enough for you bailey. You would always run back to her after we break up, you ALWAYS did, how could you? tell me you love me but not chase me. but I just remind me self not every lose is a loss.   I hate the way you made me happy and feel so good. I hate the way you would hold my hand so tight I would lose my breath, but you wish it was her hand more, right? well now it is, I wish you nothing but the best because out of both of us, your the one who deserves it.


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