Maybe I miss you, or the feeling you used to give me

Maybe I miss you, or the feeling you used to give me

Maybe I miss you, or the feeling you used to give me

I stumbled into this website because i was looking for samples of letters on how to write to your ex.  I don’t know why i got the urge to write you one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here declaring my undying love for you.  That feeling was long long gone.  But, maybe because i miss having someone.  It might sound very cliche, I miss having someone that i can actually call “my one and only love” and someone that says it back to me.  You used to give me that feeling, that importance.  I miss having someone who can tolerate my craziness and mood swings.

You used to give me re-assuring and loving  stares when i feel crazy about my weight.  You never forget to appreciate me and make me feel beautiful.  I miss having someone who protects and makes everything feel safe.  You never ever missed a day to drive me to and from work especially during my night shifts even if you were too tired and sleepy.  I miss having someone during the Holidays.  You always celebrate Christmas Eves with me in the hospital instead of with your family.  I miss having someone who thinks about me and misses me even when we are together. You never forget to message me, to remind me to eat lunch or dinner or if I’m doing OK at work.  I miss having someone to take care of.  You taught me how to be responsible of another individual other than myself.  You taught me how to share not only things but my heart.  I miss having someone to argue with about little things, like your shoes all over the condo foyer, toothpaste tube squeezed in the middle, or pronunciation of certain words.

Maybe I miss you… or maybe i miss the feeling that you used to give me…Love.

I just want to set the record straight, i don’t want you back.  I am writing because, honestly, I have lots of things I am thankful for because of you.  You gave me the chance to love and be loved, even if it only lasted for 6 years.

I may or may not find my happily ever after, but I am hopeful.

Thank you

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  1. verythinlinebetweenhateandlove 6 years ago

    Wow you are kind of selfish. For your sake work on that. All I see is i’s and not enough uses that’s a quick way to never have a successful relationship.

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