Worth a fight

Worth a fight

Worth a fight

Dear Amir,

I came across this website and thought this is the perfect place for me to get everything out that I want to say. I never stopped thinking about you. Although our breakup is still fairly new. I didn’t know how to cope with someone breaking up with me. I never told you but none of my ex’s & I broke up we just kind of stopped talking and stayed friends. The day you walked out of my life I thought this is just a horrible nightmare that I’m going to wake up from. I couldn’t come to terms that you were gone. I didn’t believe that we had an intimate conversation the day before and the next you were leaving me forever.

I miss everything about you. I’ve read just about every article written on how to manage a breakup and how to move on. I don’t think I took their advice well because I can’t get you off my mind. I regret not being honest with you and you reading those text messages. I wish you would’ve let me explain myself before you walked away. I love you, I really do. I want nothing more than to be in your arms again. Having you kiss me and hold me tight. I still look on your Instagram at the pics you posted and the video that you made of me that you didn’t delete surprisingly. I hope one day we can be friends. I really don’t want to lose you as a friend as well. I wish I’d told you how much I never wanted to lose you and how you were the best thing to happen to me. I guess this is the end of us since you didn’t think it was worth a fight.


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