Heartbroken in Dallas

Heartbroken in Dallas

Heartbroken in Dallas

I don’t know what happened. We were more than best friends; we had a bond. I loved you greatly and made sure you were taken care of. I know we had our ups and downs, but the odd behavior is the thing that sets me off. But you took everything away, the love, memories, respect, and the magic and gave it to someone else. You know i miss you so much and I can’t bond with another. There’s a missing hole where my heart used to be. All i want for Christmas is you.


  1. Joshua 6 years ago

    Just see your post on CL.

    First time I know there is a website post this heartbroken story!

    Love your story! just want to share love to you and wishing your wish come true..!!!

    Much love,

    • thomas 6 years ago

      thanks john 🙂

  2. jessie 6 years ago

    if only you would let me in the way i let you in than things would be cool

    • thomas 6 years ago

      My arms wide open to talk ….

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