You’ll mess up many more

You’ll mess up many more

You’ll mess up many more

Dear J,

Well what can I say? You completely took advantage of me and  manipulated my feelings. You messed me up in so many ways it isn’t funny. I only feel resentment when I hear your name. I’m glad we’re done, you blocked me on everything and I’m grateful for that. I’d probably say something I’d regret, you have a cruel way of twisting my words. You broke up with me 4 times, the last time we got back together I was finally beginning to get over you but then you did your charm and got me back. I began to regret my decision 5 days later.

The last time we broke up you informed me you were developing feelings for this other girl. That really crushed me, but what crushed me more was the fact I found out you cheated. Well I was right about one thing, your bisexuality wasn’t just ‘crushes’ it went beyond that. You didn’t tell me  until 9 months in the relationship, I knew after 1 month but was afraid to ask. You made it so I couldn’t talk about that topic. All you did was play mind games on me, when I found out you cheated every last feeling I had for you died.

Now this new girl, I heard you talk about her. How she’s terrified of relationships, that she’s never been in one. You say you love her? After one month? She’s 2 years older than you, she can drive and you can’t. I find it hilarious that you think it’ll work out in your favor. Well, karma will catch up to your ass. For all the shit you put me through, you tried to ruin my rep and brand me as a crazy bitch. I hope this girl catches on quickly to the games you play. I hope she finds out your lies.

Finally, I think it’s funny how you think I’m still obsessed over you. No, I’m not. All you do these days is piss me off, telling me who I can and cannot like. I’ll always remember our relationship as a lesson to never put up with bullshit and lies. I’ll never date a guy like you again. Have fun playing with more girls hearts, you never did love me I was just a game.


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