Words left unsaid

Words left unsaid

Words left unsaid


I dont know why I’m doing this, i guess just to get it out really. You told me once that you couldn’t risk losing me. You said that you’d do anything to keep me by your side and in turn, I promised you that I wouldn’t walk away. I want to start by saying thank you for the best relationship I’ve had in my life. Thank you for all the laughs, all the tears, and those nights where you were the only thing on my mind. You told me the other night that I was gonna be happy this year. I’d find a girl and have an amazing relationship and you’d be happy for me because of it. I want to let you know I was happy every step of the way and still am, knowing that you’re not entirely out of my life. I know there’s other guys that have your attention, and I know I can’t compete with them at all.

I know you’ve had more with other people and that one kiss wasn’t anything major but to me, it meant the world and then some. You said you couldn’t go on because you cared too much, that I was a great person and you weren’t. And no matter how many times you will deny it, it’s just not true. You are more than a good person, you’re a great person. My favorite person, in fact. And I’m not just saying that. A bad person wouldn’t have let our relationship go on that long. A bad person wouldn’t have ended it trying to spare my feeling the best way possible. You’re a great person to your friends, your family, to me. That’s the best part about you, even if you don’t know it, you’re always looking to make someone’s day. Don’t feel bad for me, I knew I didn’t stand a chance all along, I held onto false hope that my feelings were on a 2 way street.

And I regret time wasted on things that did not matter with you, someone who matters. I regret the times I didn’t speak up for fear of what you’d think of me because of it. I regret becoming so worried about losing you that I lost sight of why I was there in the first place, loving you. I’m sure this is not the last time our paths will cross, and I’m glad it won’t be. I hope it doesn’t sound too cheap, but you are the best thing that has happened to me in this life so far. You deserve the world, and nothing short of it. Please don’t settle for less because it’s so much easier, so much better to focus on what you deserve. Don’t fall victim to guys who only think of themselves, you have a good way of knowing who that is. And most importantly I wish you well for all of your life, may your love never end and, if you need a friend, there’s always an open seat for you along side of me.

I love you,

-The rest is for her next boyfriend-

Before I start I’d just like to say you are so lucky to have the eye of such an amazing girl. She is the best thing that ever happened to me and I’m confident she can be the same for you. She’s worth it, not easy. There will be times when she wants to talk to other guys or other friends, rest easy knowing you have a special place in her heart that only you occupy. There will be times she needs someone to shut up and hold her, don’t long for those moments to pass. Treat every second with her like it’s the only second you get, because the love like that is the kind of love she deserves. And she loves to laugh. Not the fake laugh at school or a drunk laugh, the best laugh in the world that runs through my head every time I see her. Be sure you can make her laugh. She loves being picked up by surprise and spun around. She loves piggy-back rides and being carried around. She loves it when you tickle her sides, she wont stop laughing from that one. She loves sitting around listening to music with no worry in the world. She loves cuddling and holding hands, and when you do be sure to move your thumb across the back of her hand.. it comforts her. The one thing I’ve found above all else is she loves long hugs late at night, hold her close and bury your head into her shoulder, slowly bend her over backwards and she’ll smile that beautiful smile that will soon drive you crazy. Be patient, be relaxed, trust her, hold her intentions above your own and I promise you that your relationship will be worth all the effort you can find. Please don’t hurt her, that has happened to many times in the past. If your not capable I’m begging you to spare her the feelings and don’t do something you can’t handle. Be everything to this girl and she’ll instantly become everything to you. I wish you the best on her behalf. She deserves a guy like you, I’m sure.


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