You’ve still got me.

You’ve still got me.

You’ve still got me.

I saw you today. We laughed, talked, and you made me smile. Just like you did when you were still mine. You brought me out of one of the darkest places anyone could ever be, and made me feel special. You showed me loved. True love. I miss calling you honey. I miss tickling you, I miss the way we would pick on each other. I miss everything. You remember those cheap pearl earrings you bought me for my cousins wedding? Yep, I still have them. And I wear them every single day. I still have the cards you gave me. The keychain you gave me the day you asked me to be your girlfriend. Those things are so precious to me, because you’re so important and precious to me. I know I screwed the relationship up.  

I regret the things I did, the things I made you think, and the things that were said. I never wanted to hurt you. You were the best damn thing that ever happened to me. You were perfect. You are my other half, and I only wish that I had shown you how much I cared before it was too late. I’m sorry for never making you feel appreciated. I’m sorry for never making you feel loved. But I’ll tell you what, I loved you, God, did I love you. And I still do. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you. Whether i think of something we’ve done together, something I see or hear, I think of you. My feelings for you are still there, and they aren’t going away. I’ve cried over you, and lost sleep over you.. God knows I’ve tried moving on, dating other people, or just blocking you out of my life, and, none of it has worked. I know you’ve tried too. You’re still jealous, I can tell you still care. You are always there when I need someone. So what gives? Maybe we both just need to open up to one another, and here I am taking the first step. B, I can’t stop loving you.  This is one of the most sincere things I’ve eve said/written. And I may regret it, but right now all I care about is you, and letting you know that I’m still here if there’s ever a chance between us again. I will always love you, honey.


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