Still want you

Still want you

Still want you

Dear M,

I can’t have you read this cause its embarrassing but I need to say it out loud/on the internet to get off my chest.

Its been 2 years and I think I still love you, you broke my heart I thought I was an unforgiving person but somehow even with everything thats happened youve put me through I think if Im honest with myself I would take you back, the problem is you don’t want to be taken back, you dont want me, unrequited love is so cruel it shouldn’t exist, I love you, you love her, Im an idiot pathetic, wish I could move on but we had five years together, you were my everything, I still don’t know if you cheated for sure I just know you left me and got with her, my years of jealousy were well founded I knew there was something between you both. I wasnt what you wanted I was flawed and i think Ive learnt and grown and could maybe really be your ideal girl but I know youll never give me a chance plus maybe you really truly love her more than you ever did me, there is a part of me that believes your not that into her that she was just there and you cant be alone but I think thats me just hoping, being in denial.

I hope your happy and I hope I can eventually be happy and move on like you did so easily. Thats what hurts to think after five years you can have had such little impact on someone that they can move on so easily like I meant nothing.



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