The Gift of Music You Gave Me

The Gift of Music You Gave Me

The Gift of Music You Gave Me

Dear ‘Trencher’,

I’m slowly getting over my self-induced Vertigo.  I’m tired of needing Alibis.  I miss everything about ‘us’, especially the thoughts of our Ever After, but more the person I was when we met.  I wish I would have been half as Good To You as you were to me, and stood Beside You when you needed it most.  Cross My Heart, I’d try my hardest not to Stutter if I ever get a chance to Say Anything to you again.

I’m sorry I ever made you feel like you needed to be Perfect.  You needed me to be stable, but I wasn’t able to keep it together.  I kept making it your job to Fix Me, when I really needed to try a little more.  I regret a lot of things, especially that I didn’t Push myself to keep going and keep doing better.  Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever feel Alive Again like I did with you, and I hope you feel that way now.  I know that you’ve moved on, so it does feel a bit ridiculous that I haven’t By Now.

I wish we didn’t have to leave everything that was ours in Acadia.


      Not Afraid Anymore & Being Myself Because of You


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