I don’t even know…

I don’t even know…

I don’t even know…

I don’t even know what happened..

You went on spring break.. You were talking to your ex. She wants you back and she misses you. You miss her too. You said that she was there for you through everything, but wasn’t I? Wasn’t I there at midnight talking you out of things. Making you feel important in life.

You told me that I made you feel confident. Was that just a lie?

Was everything you told me real?

Our song, was it really yours and hers?

Was I just a girl you were using to try to make her jealous?

I cried myself to sleep. My mom cried seeing me hurt.

I thought I was making you happy.

But I guess I was wrong.

I don’t know what to do..

You came back from break yesterday. I tried talking to you, but you just ignore me or give me one worded answers.

I guess I’m not good enough for you anymore..

Why did you even bother with me?

Our drives to the mall and my house.

Our jokes.

Were they not real to you?

Cause they were to me..

I thought you were different.

I guess not…

I’m sorry I never made you happy.

I’m sorry I’m not her..

I don’t know anymore…


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