You absolute $%&*

You absolute $%&*

You absolute $%&*


I hope your new life that you got yourself into is treating you just fine. What a revelation to find out that it wasn’t me, it was you! My gut was right alright!

If I wasn’t relieved to find out, then I’d still be wondering wtf I could have done different, I was always trying to prove to you how much I wanted us. I wasn’t always calm, but when you’re shutting someone out because your letting your past catch up with you, it’s not a nice feeling being on the receiving end of that. I just knew something wasn’t right…and How right I was. You lied, you tried to convince me I was wrong…and it’s a very liberating feeling knowing I was right the whole time.

I feel sort of bad for you that you’ve allowed someone like that to have control over your destiny again, he fucked you over so you would move away 2 years ago and take his ‘promotion’. I don’t know why you ever allowed yourself to sleep with this married guy, he’s disgusting! It makes me feel really physically ill to know that the whole time you were here in January you fed me a whole load of lies to cover up your tracks. You knew the whole time what you were going back to, you knew about the job.

I was right about everything. You never loved me, The whole love thing I kept going by myself because I really wanted to believe you wanted the same as me, but my gut just couldn’t let the feeling you were up to something go.

It’s funny how things work out, I hope you and that twaddle are very happy now. I know I am now knowing, even though the truth didn’t come from you, it always prevails.

Goodbye and you can rest assure, you won’t ever hear from me again. You made your bed.


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