Just want to say hello

Just want to say hello

Just want to say hello

So, it has been a long time since we seen each other. Recently I have been dreaming about you and seeing you again, which is why I want to talk to you. However we both are in a relationship now. Therefore it serves as no good to talk to each other. Still I want to have something I want to say to you.

First, how have you been? I hope everything is going well with you. On my end, I been doing well, but class been stressing me out, as usual. Also I busy trying to land my last coop job.

Second, tim-tam is back in target! You shouldn’t definitely go crazy and buy some.

Third, I truly hope your boo thang is treating you well. LOL. Anyway, my last point is I hope that we can be friends in the near future. Seriously, soon… After I graduate, I plan on leaving the state for Cali to pursue my passion in robotics. I guess if soon doesn’t happen, then probably 10 years later. I will be back. 😉

Also feel free to use those names that we came up with. I doubt I will be using those anymore. If I remember correctly, you really like those names.

As for those things I promised you…Well I don’t think you care of it anymore. Even if I do follow do I think it will just be a waste of time and effort. I could be wrong. If you still want me to follow through…hmu.

Another thing is I know that if I don’t reach out to you. You will probably never reach out to me, because that is who you are. I know that. Even though I want to reach out, I think it is better for both our S/O to stand clear of each other.

That’s is all I have to say! I wish you well.


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