I’m Sorry Baby

I’m Sorry Baby

I’m Sorry Baby

I’m sorry for the way I acted when I found out that you moved on and were dating my ex best friend. I didn’t have any right to get horribly mad at you. I know her and i don’t get along at all. I thought you wouldn’t date her because of what she did to me when you and i were dating. You were with her the day you broke up with me.

I wish i told you everything about me when you wanted to know. I got scared that you wouldn’t love me for what iv’e done. I’m so sorry for everything i did that one night. I knew better but i wasn’t thinking; funny how i can’t stop thinking about it.

You ended “us”, or what was left of “us”, on bad terms.

You were honestly one of the best person iv’e ever met. I still love you. I still fucking love you.

I hope you and her have a great life. I hope you guys have amazing memories just like you and i had.

I miss you, baby. I love you.


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