Dear Nik,
Today, I shared on Facebook how I have become a co-author. This is the first book I take part in writing, and it broke my heart that I couldn’t share the book cover with you. You told me before I was a good writer; you told me you believed that I would publish my own book one day; well, it’s not my own book, but still, A BIG STEP, eh? You know they say that the first person you want to share the good news with is the person you love most. I love you most STILL, and I know you still love me too. You’re just egotistical; you don’t wanna show it, and as for me, I just understand my worth now, and I love myself enough not to chase you; like I used to do before. However, I pray you just take the steps you know, deep inside, you should take. I miss you A LOT, but I’m strong. I hope you are too.


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