My Dandelion

My Dandelion

My Dandelion

LTME-postDear Dandelion,

You were my first love. At every step, you were there with me. We dated for a year. Or at least that’s how I consider it. I have trouble looking around the room, at all the things you made for me. It feels like I’m just empty without you, even though I’m constantly surrounded by people. I still trust you, I still love you, and I still can’t believe you are gone from my life. We said goodbye in your car, holding hands and hugging. Hell, it feels like yesterday that we had fallen in love. How can time go so fast yet so slow? Every day I had you didn’t really have a set amount of time; it all just blurred together and I didn’t mind that. Do you still listen to our songs? Africa, by Toto? Sing To Me? I still do. I listen to the Up theme, just to remember the time I taught you to ballroom dance. I still listen to Howl’s Moving Castle, just to remember the first time we said “I love you”. I still listen to LOVE., just to remember the feeling of falling in love with you. I still am, very much so. Last time I saw you was yesterday. Every day feels like an eternity. You are such a big part of who I am. You were my best friend, my person who I knew always had my back. I always had yours, too. Is it weird I still trust you? That I know if I ever fell, you can still help? I miss you, my Snow White. My darling. My dandelion. When I’m off at Disneyland on the trip I planned with you, I’ll think all about you. I guess this is goodbye, for now. I love you so much. Please never forget that, dandelion.

Always loving you,
Your Orchid


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