So sooner than expected

So sooner than expected

So sooner than expected


i called u Anas fever co i was ddicted to your.

It was so sooner for you to end up the show with me, lol mayb substitution, hehe forget!!!

Somebody tell me what’s love?

What’s your definition of love?

Is love buying one another different gifts! or “Depending on the price tag.” Is that love? I mean a nigga just looking for somebody genuine

To really ride for him

I’m feelin’ like “fuck love,”

Maybe relationships ain’t for me (nigga)

I guess that’s why I’m writing this

Too blind to see it sooner

My ex have been my life , my hope nd my everything that keeps me strong enough to move on in life, she was my guardian angle but i never taught things might change and i can easy forget you from down deep my heart.

I Never taugh u can cheat on me but that was your priority, i thank God i found it ealier and 4 months. I hate cheaters.



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