Thank You-Piece of $&@?

Thank You-Piece of $&@?

Thank You-Piece of $&@?

I recently heard the news of your engagement, a scant four months since you walked out the door and out of my life. And let me tell you—in light of what I now know about you, THANK GOD you’re gone.

I thought you were a nice person. You’re NOT.

I thought you were a person of good character. You’re NOT.

You had more than one opportunity to look me in the face and tell me the truth: that you had met someone else. You didn’t You’re a LIAR.

You had the opportunity to demonstrate courage and speak what was in your mind and heart. You didn’t. You’re a COWARD.

You had the opportunity to leave our relationship with some integrity. You didn’t. You’re an ASSHOLE.

You had the opportunity to show your children that you care about their emotional health and well-being. You didn’t. You’re a POOR FATHER FIGURE.

My level of disgust is matched only by my level of deep disappointment. You may think that you are justified in your behavior, and your deceit. You’re NOT. What I now know tells me more about your character than I saw in our years together—and what you have shown me is a person of poor character, and a person willing to hurt other people (including your own children) for his own wants and needs. You’re a cheater, a liar, and a fraud. If your parents were alive, I’m quite sure they would be mystified and ashamed at how little regard you have for other people you claim to love. You don’t have a clue what real, honest love is.

You can tell yourself that all’s fair in love and war. That you tried to spare my feelings by concealing the truth. That you and you new love are destined to be together. That the ends justify the means. All BULLSHIT.

Your behavior, and the lies you’ve told are a permanent stain on your character. I know you cheated on BOTH of your ex-wives.. I now know that you cheated on me, and lied more than once to keep your nice guy persona intact. And I know you’ll cheat on your next wife too-she has NO IDEA what she’s in for. How you can look yourself in the eye and rationalize how you treat other people is beyond me.

But here’s what else I know: I’m a good person. An honest person. A loving person. A worthy person. A person of empathy, of compassion, of deep capacity for love. So THANK YOU for leaving when you did. I’m grateful that I didn’t spend any more time with you, and that I no longer share my bed with a liar, and a cheat. My eyes are open, and my heart can be readied for someone infinitely more deserving of my affection, my support, my devotion, my heart.

From this day forward, I won’t shed another tear for you, or for our relationship. You didn’t deserve me, and karma will find you when you least expect it. Of that you can be certain.


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