Letter to The Unknown

Letter to The Unknown

Letter to The Unknown

LTME postHey,

Not too sure how to start this, except for with an I love You. Not just for the things you’ve done, or could’ve done, but for simply being who you are. I’m sure I’ve told you this thousands of times, and I mean that.

I refuse to trash talk, and lean towards the negative,which there isn’t much, so I will only talk about the things of love, because that’s what life is all about. Plus, it’s just healthy to finally get this off of my chest, instead of crying about it every time a memory of your smile passes through my mind. But that is one thing I miss. Your smile. The way you would light up after a not so funny joke, but you thought it was hilarious. Random, but I still have make up stains in my car from when ever you would apply lipstick,or something. It’s pretty gross. lol And I’ll have to remove it,but I’ll probably laugh about it whenever I get around to it. I kind of miss your pets. I miss how we could just make each other laugh over the most basic shit, and literally talk for hours about nothing, but everything at the same time.

Everyone thought we were cute. You were the first woman to physically meet my mom. That was a pretty huge step. My family likes you, and they bring you up sometimes during conversation. I just give them the basics of the situation, and of course every one is understanding. Over all , you are just a good person, and I MISS YOU. You have a great heart, and I know you will go far in whatever you decide to do from this moment forward.

I thank you for everything you have taught me, especially regarding communication, and not being so selfish. I know my family life was way crazy before I met you, but you totally changed my mind, and out look on how I treat my relatives, as well as complete strangers. We are all human. We all have our flaws, and I could see how you showed me that. So, I am extremely grateful for you showing me how to correct my own self. Because you going off on me about me doing (or not doing) something, or being selfish, was just your way of showing you care, and helped me put myself in order.

Reflecting back on the relationship, you also taught me love of self. I believe we may have taught each other many things as well, over all. So, I am totally working on myself fully, because I have to ultimately be the person I want to be with. There’s levels to this shit, son lol I truly do love you, and I thank the heavens for allowing me to be graced by your beauty, power, intellect, and more. You truly touched my heart for the time that you were in my life. I seriously wish there was a way we could still make out, and have fun without all the emotional shenanigans, but that would just make us robots. 🙂

As I’ve told you before, if feels like I can never say it enough, but I love you. Truly.

Peace & Blessings



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