Just letting you know

Just letting you know

Just letting you know

LTME post3,
In case you were wondering, yeah i thought maybe through some miraculous reason you would reconsider your engagement and want to see me and maybe just maybe we’d try it out one more time. It was probably a bad decision for me to have contacted you and told you what i feel. its actually hard just sitting here typing this. I think its dumb that you keep throwing him at me when you know i married him for papers, but you think other wise. no i did not miss anything on my other letter. yes your write your a victim too, but i don’t think she can make you happy like you want to be; like i don’t think he can make me happy like i would like to be. i gave him the ring back, but you will never know that nor do i plan on telling you, for you i will always and forever be engaged or married, when it was actually a promise ring that he gave me, that’s why i said promises can be broken whenever. this is just a way to vent, and venting im doing. its not fair, and im angry at God for this. Maybe in another life time you and i can find each other and make it work. Until then, know that i love you and will always love you. we’re old now, we know what love is, its not like we’re 21 again, we’re adults. As adults i know we’re never going to be together. Farewell.

The girl who will always love you


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