I don’t understand

I don’t understand

I don’t understand

LTME postIt’s been 2 weeks since we broke up.
Now, the first couple days were really hard on me. like really hard.
i just dont understand how after a year and 2 months with someone it all went down like this?
i dont understand how you wanted to talk in person with me and then just call me?

i never asked you to choose between me and guitar,
all i ever wanted was for you to balance it. I always felt last on your priority list.
i supported you with everything you did, no matter how hard it was on me.
i even bought you things to be successful.
but how do you have the nerve to call me and say “guitar is my life”
what about me? what about us? after a year, you decide to just throw all of that away?

through our whole relationship, i tried so hard to make us work and to make you happy. i really loved you and i wanted us to work out so bad. i was always hoping that you would put up an effort or fight for me.

but you let me and us go just like that.
i dont understand how it was so easy for you.
i dont understand why you couldnt put me into your life plan.

all the letters you wrote to me saying how i was the best thing thats ever happened to you and how happy i made you.
and in the end you let me go?
A year with me and no fight to keep me?
i have to say, this broke me.
i thought that you might text me just once?

its sad to know that i was so easy for you to let go.
it hurts me to know that no matter how hard i tried, it just wasnt good enough.

i do miss you.
i do miss texting you everyday,

but i dont miss being last in your life.

today was a hard day emotionally for me.
looked through your letters again.
in them you say how you love me and how we’re always going to work things out.

and of course i started crying and got sad,but then i got upset.

you say all of these things and then let it all fall apart?

well i hope guitar goes good for you.
but just know, i wouldve done anything for you.
i loved you so much and it hurts writing this. All i ever wanted was to feel important. I wanted to feel that even though you have guitar, that i was still in your life.
but now i see.
that im always going to be last in your life.
and thats what i dont understand.


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