Kirsten, why did you make me your rebound????!!!!

Kirsten, why did you make me your rebound????!!!!

Kirsten, why did you make me your rebound????!!!!

LTME postlind,

If you were still stuck on your radio ex boyfriend DJ you claimed drank too much, why did you go out with me and more importantly introduce me to your kids. That wasn’t right to me or them. And then you had them meet my parents. Three days after what you. Called a family trip to NYC which was a lot of fun, you broke up with me for no real reason. I know in my gut something was off when you kept talking about being anxious with anxiety. That is usually from a guilty conscious. You clearly thought I was dumb I guess, but I noticed you were liking your ex Paige stuff on fb a lot. All the while not liking shit I posted, or tagged you in. You kept saying I could tag and post to your page but would not let it come thru. Then after our trip I noticed no one liked the pics you posted and I then posted on my page. Strange? Nope. You hid me and my stuff. I noticed you were tagged in your exes page about a beach trip. Funny but none of your friends liked it. Seems odd. Not really. You appear to be leading a secret life. You pushed me away for no reason other than to I guess protect yourself and hurt a guy since you have been hurt a few times. My question is why when I was open, honest, caring, and compassionate for both you and your kids. You even talked quick courtship and not letting me go only to run away. I hope you one day realize the mistake you made letting me go or pushing me away. I miss you and the kids and it sucks you didn’t seem to care when you walked away. Messed up. But wish you well.


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