Heartbroken, asking for forgiveness, and getting it off my chest.

Heartbroken, asking for forgiveness, and getting it off my chest.

Heartbroken, asking for forgiveness, and getting it off my chest.

LTME postThis letter is for Kirsten.

I realize you have moved on very quickly back to your ex DJ boyfriend.

Why couldn’t you have been honest and told me. You were very secretive at the end of our relationship. I couldn’t understand why you were reviewing all my facebook, pics, timelines, and friends. Funny you got upset that after you were breaking with me you got upset with me doing the same thing.

I am very hurt and heart broken. I know you were and are upset with me. Sucks because that isn’t what I wanted. You introduced me to your kids very early when I asked you not to. But I don’t regret it because those kids are awesome! I admire you for how well you raised them on your own.

When you broke up with me, I lost three wonderful people. You restored my faith. I just wish and pray time will Heal all wounds and you and I can at least regain a friendship.

The first day I met you made me so happy. You have an electrifying smile. Your personality is radiating. That first day at the bar was a blessing. Then our walk back and fourth after lunch on Cary street was amazing. The next day after dinner, you showed me just how adventurous you are. I loved that.

I admit I was a little nervous. You moved really quickly telling me it would be a quick courtship and you were keeping me. I realize you got cold feet. But we could have talked to work things out. I do wonder if there was a way to save our relationship.

It hurt that we went on a family trip to NYC and Jersey and met your friends Joe and Tracey and then after coming back you dumped me. No real good explanation.

I was so happy with you. You even invited my parents over for Father’s Day dinner with your kids. Which by the way, my dad said was the best dinner ever. I agree. I really enjoyed cooking with you. Teaching you how to plank salmon. Loved your term educated pallet. I loved trying things with you.

The 4th of July was the best in my 40 years. And the night before for barenaked ladies concert was great!! Especially before and really after. I loved exploring our intimate experiences with you. You rocked my world. You are awesome!!!

We did have some good times. The day we spent on the beach until we ended up messing around and sleeping on it was awesome as well. I pray you keep some of these good memories in your thoughts. I know I will never know if you think about me or miss me, but I would really hope you do. I ended up falling in love with you. I really could have seen us getting married. I would have moved anywhere for you. I am anywhere you want me to be.

Well, you are amazing. I am sorry how things went down after the break up. I didn’t handle things well. But you know what, you helped me realize I need to do something to help myself. I always bottled things up. Brothers death at 17, and a lot of things that messed me up. Counseling is really helping.

All I want is for you to give me time and realize I was a good guy. I wish for the best for you and your family. Unfortunately I am no longer in your life right now. I want you to be happy and enjoy life. You always seemed happy. You asked me to talk normal and I wish you had also done that for me. I noticed you say sweet cute things to the ex but would keep from doing that around me and with me. I hope I wasn’t just your rebound or someone to make your ex jealous. I truly hope you really did care bout me and thought of me more than that.

In closing, I know our sounds were meant for each other. I don’t believe we met for a small purpose. Keep your heart open and forgive me. I was loyal, honest, caring, and did whatever I could to show you me which you initially liked.

Ok happy trails.

Lots of love


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