Climax? Life goes on.

Climax? Life goes on.

Climax? Life goes on.

LTME postEx-Boyfriend,

Hey! 🙂 How are you? I hope you’re doing well. Remember the day of our breakup? Remember that day back in November 2013 you didn’t want us to break up, but I did anyway? It wasn’t because I didn’t want to be with you anymore. It was because I had to clean up the mess we made. My family was broke when they heard about our relationship. I still remember that day. I broke up with you just so I could get back with my family. I told you I wanted to get my dad’s trust back. Everyone was suffering through this tantrum. I had a choice to choose between my family and you. I chose them because no matter what I do or did they’ve always stood there by my side, but you? You left on the second month of our relationship. We don’t owe each other anymore explanations. You used me and I get it. It was naïve and due to my stupidity I’d hurt multiple people. It has been about four years. Four years were long, but enough to get back my dad’s trust. Now, I’ve finally achieved my goal. I got his trust back. We’re back to our normal lives and I’m guessing, you’re happy with your life too? I hope so. I can’t take you back. Why? Because it was never real and right from the start. Then what’s the point? Your family made it worse. Your mom, step-sister, friends spread fake rumors about us to my dad. My problem is that I’m not selfish. I couldn’t stop them because you were just gone. I can’t fight for someone who isn’t willing to fight for me. It was my mistake and I had to correct it somehow.

I understand there’s no going back, but I have to let you know I didn’t forget you. It might be a short relationship, but due to my naivety it has some seriousness involved. That’s fine, you’re my first kiss, and I don’t regret it. It was my choice right? Yep! Life is full of lessons. I understand! Four years were enough for me to keep my mouth shut and see the big picture of our relationship. I’m sorry, but we were never compatible and nor do I ever want you back. I’d grown up from that situation and trust me, never repeating the same mistake ever again. It’s true you were my first and last kiss; it’s also true you were my first and last relationship; additionally, it’s also true that all those years I waited for you, but most importantly, the harsh truth is that I’m over you. I’m done with it. After all these years of looking for answers to my questions, I’m over you. All these years I’d made myself mentally strong enough to never let my heart rule my mind ever again. To be frank with you, while writing this letter I have no hard feelings involved, but I had the desire to write you one last time. To inform you that I’m over us. The reason why is because I still care a little enough to write you one last time. The lessons have been learned and it’s time for me to utterly move on and focus on my present and future. I don’t hate you nor do I aggravate myself with our past. If I did let you back into my life, the past will repeat itself. I can’t let that happen ever again. The relationship isn’t a joke to me. After ending our relationship, I needed a long break to get back on track with my inner self. I’ve done everything I could in all these years to realize my worth. There’s no way I’m letting just anyone into my life and use me due to my selfless personality. I’m not ready for another relationship. I believe I will never remember you as my ex-boyfriend, but an ex-friend of seven years. Relationship was never worth it, but our friendship was. This is just an end to a chapter of my life. Not the end of life. There’s still a lot to learn.

Stay merry! (◕‿◕)
Take care,


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