I miss you

I miss you

I miss you

LTME-postIt’s nights like tonight where I wish I could show you how much I still love you. My night was filled with family and laughter but at the end of each smile, I always think of you. My smile used to be so pure and sincere but now every time I smile It never seems to feel like before… before I lost you.

Whenever I think of you I think can’t help but imagine a happy girl with a happy life and everything seems to be going great except for that you feel something missing and no matter what you try to fill this feeling up with, it never seems to be fill the void. I imagine that this feeling will one day lead you back to me because that feeling is what I’ve been living with every day since you left.

Its been almost 2 years since we last spoke and I know that you should be the last thing on my mind but still, you are just a part of my life as you were when you were mine. Isn’t this what true love is? Is it not where you don’t just move on and start over? Is it not where after years and years pass and you still somehow manage to be enchanted by what you shared with someone? Is it not when that person becomes a part of who you are instead of just memories? Is it not when someone’s name still has the power to make you cry or smile from ear to ear?

Wherever you may be,
who ever you may have become ,
and whatever you may be doing in life,
I just wanted to tell you that I love you.


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