I can never move on.

I can never move on.

I can never move on.

LTME postHey,
I know you won’t read this. I already sent you many already but you never responded. I know it’s almost a year now..oh actually by the 27th of Nov. I did everything so I can forget about you( I dated..traveled around..got drunk..erased all the links between us..) yet you are still here.
You left me witjout saying a word, you just walked away. I am writing a book about this story so I can find a clue..영광 I will always love you because for me you just died suddenly without saying goodbye…I mean you loved me truthfully, you promises me everything and you made me the happiest person on the planet earth however you broke my heart…you destroyed me but I love you more, even more than yesterday.
I know deep inside that you walked away for good but I still have a lil hope that you will be back..maybe waiting for you will make you feel sorry for me. No?
I really wish you had a grave that I can visit anytime I am missong you. But I remind mysrlf that you are really alive and happy, then I cry more.
If you hear me,I want to tell you…영광 come back, I will forgive you…I will hug you and cry for ages..I will die in your arms..
:'( :'( :'(…

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  1. Diane 7 years ago

    I know how u feel. It’d be easier to move on if they were dead

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