sorry akiko

sorry akiko

sorry akiko

LTME postAkiko
I will say it with frensh pardon, english sorry ,arabic آسف ,Japanese ごめんなさい,i apologize with conviction and to forgive me not to take me back,i offer you from my heart , my sincere and full apology to you, without conditions attached may be you move on , may be you forget me but i send you this letter to say “sorry”, and i really meant it.
I was messy, i threatened, i was layzy, i didn’t make you happy, i was being needy, and demanding, i have been insensitive at times and i undresatnd now why you are angry and why my actions hurts you. I betrayed and i cheated your trust.
In addition,i shocked you with my actions, i didn’t help you so much, i didn’t support you financierment
and psychologically, i was insecure, everything new, i have been emotional and weak.i did many mistakes, i know now that there are something wrong with my behaviour and my communication skills, i meditate everyday this periode( no contact) i m’ deeply regret what i have done,and i hope that you can see how much i m hurting.
You have always been there for me in difficult times and i m very grateful for that. i know your value and the importance of our relationship .i didn’t undrestand how hard you were taking care of layla, you were tired.
I took everything personnaly.i want to think you for your patience.
Finally i decide to be happy, to have fun, enjoy my life , live my life to fullest to read more and more books about relationship, improve my english, i was a bad man now i want to be nice dad, my baby layla changes my life, my philosophy, how life is better now.Next year i will come to your birthday with other gift, even you forget my birthday. Last week i saw the same film of sindrella and it made me think about you for the first time in while and it put a smile on my face, but now layla is my Sindrella 🙂 .Also i went to store baby clothes i was so happy , every small baby in the street draws a smile in my heart.
sorry again

from Tunisia( tunis) to Canada (Toronto)


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