Dear A, 
Im lost……… Everyday is a struggle to get out of bed, to get in the shower, to even EAT. I don’t really know why i’m like this, Maybe because i go to school and think about how we held hands in the hallways, or what about those days you would come pick me up and we would go on dates and just have the most valuable times of our lives. I miss those things everyday, you race through my mind and i don’t know how to make you stop. It seems like every song that plays reminds me of you.

Am i crazy? is the question i ask myself everyday. We are on bad terms and you probably will never get back together with me or talk to me.  but i just wanted to say: Im sad that i have no way to contact you but Im doing this on my own and its really hard because all i wanna do is hear your cute voice, and tell you about my day but i’m staying strong, doing this for me and my future. All i do is sit here with my thoughts wondering “when will be the day you return back to me” but it seems like that day will never come……
I’m lost


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