Almost two years

Almost two years

Almost two years


It has been almost two years since we last saw each other, even though you strung me along for another year via text. I’m writing this letter because I was a second away from texting you to tell you that I hate how you treated me, you truly made me feel like the most meaningless piece of shit. You cheated, and I’ll never know if it was just once or throughout all the 5 years of the relationship, you claimed I was your sunshine, that I made you really happy, that we had great sex, then wtf happened? 

I’ll never understand how someone so “kind” was able to do that to someone they love. What hurts deeply is that I never got a real apology, and even now I feel dumb for still expecting an apology , hoping that you now understand the  damage that you did. The cheating did not only broke trust between us, I also started to doubt myself, society, the world, the universe, the whole fucking thing, everything I thought I believed and wanted was now in doubt.

I know we are all in this life to find happiness, and I know you have found it, but it hurts me deeply that you moved in with him just after 3 months of starting your relationship , while with me you didn’t want to even after 3 years. I’ve learned a few thing in this rocky road, I now know that I need to trust myself when I feel something is not right, that would’ve save us around 4.5 years (lol), and I also learned that you’re never done knowing someone. I don’t wish you get cheated on but I don’t know if you’ll ever learn from this until you get your heart ripped out.


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