You mentally tortured me

You mentally tortured me

You mentally tortured me

LTME postDear mentally abusive ex,
You cheated on me, and also bullied me through our whole relationship. I knew you were bullying you would pretend it was a joke but you would say things that were very cruel intended to make me cry. You mentally tortured me! Then after we broke up your emotional abuse got worse, because you started to use fear against me by intimidating me, threatening me and harassing me for a year. Never did I retaliate, because I am a pacifist and I cannot be deliberately be mean to someone. I was also (and still am) too scared to speak up because you started to punish me for everything… even though I had not done anything. Someone was angry at you? Blamed me, even though someone being angry is nothing to do with me. Someone stands up for me because you cheated and mentally abused me, and got panic attacks whenever I was in the same place as you, you blame me and punish and threaten me to keep quiet. And now, even now you are pretending you are innocent and claimining all girls messed you around on Facebook in order to play victim and gain sympathy. I wish I could feel safe, and not constantly be worrying when you will next harass me or hurt me physically. I wish I was not afraid to be in a relationship. I wish you had not mentally tortured and used my fear against me. I wish I could feel like this will finally be it, but I don’t because you are still continuing. Please stop, or get help.
Your frightened ex girl friend

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  1. Angel 1 year ago

    Mr NOT SO AMAZING, somehow you’ll pay for all the damaged you caused me.
    For abusing me verbally, your anger is not against me…but only to yourself for being a coward and be a cheater. My love for you was sincere but couldn’t cope with you doing what you did, because I know you DID IT, even thought you denied it. Believe your own lies, and leave me alone. Is TOTALLY OVER. And I wont play your game , I wont allow you to torture me mentally, the only one that needs help, is you ONLY YOU.
    The only one that needs Good luck is you. ONLY YOU!
    The only one that has a twisted main is you, ONLY YOU!

    Still, wish you the best, just because you damaged me ONCE But wont tolerate you doing it Twice.
    Good luck
    Good bye.

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