Every day is still the same

Every day is still the same

Every day is still the same

LTME-postDear Martin,

it sure has been a while and writing this feels silly..things have changed and i hope that youre happy in your new 5 going on 6 year relationship. im pretty doing okay too, in my new job, my new relationship, but things has quite not been the same. you make me question every relationship, every guy i dated before you. you make me ask myself WHY it isnt the gray sweater? why not that earl grey tea you picked up randomly on a cold rainy night? why not your old shirts? why not that smile? why not those eyes? At one point, i have to leave this behind too but its been YEARS and YEARS. Everything has changed, but its still the same girl, same me, 6 years a go when you left Manila. I know i wont ever see you again, and i dont honestly want to, cause if i do, whatever, whenever that moment comes, im sure my heart will drop. So i would rather not..but please remember this, a heart is always waiting for you here in your home, and your home will always be here, not in LA, not anywhere else.



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