Kir lind you are a liar and cheater.

Kir lind you are a liar and cheater.

Kir lind you are a liar and cheater.

LTME postKirsten,

You are a manipulator and liar. You smiled directly to my face while saying things that weren’t true. You were living two lives. It make sense why you asked me to take down our profile pic so soon. Your friend asked about it. Yea, his name is jas Paige. You said dating still means single. Funny you mentioned were were one. You said it would be a quick courtship and you wanted to keep me?? B.s. you said you were tired and going to bed when it would be 9 or 10. In the summer. Funny as you stayed up till one talking to the other dude. You would delete my tags yet tag me when you wanted. Strange how no one could se the pics on my page??? You introduced me to your kids within two weeks when I kept saying not ready. You told me things you didn’t like yet love them with this ahole. I hope karma bites you in the ass. I now understand why guys left you. Telling me I have issues and blaming me for stuff? Questioning me on the phone. You had so many red flags. You are a red flag. You suck bottom line. What a waste!!!


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