LTME postWell today is the 3rd of October. Crazy how times flash. This time last year was around the first time in my life that I met you, the first time I saw your face, looked into your eyes, still remember that night. I remember shortly after that thinking that I had just seen the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, had no idea that 4 months later we were going to become good friends and whatnot. Honestly Cat, I miss you, and in all honesty I am scared to death of you. I dont know why, and i’m sorry. I’m sorry because there were so many words that I should have said so many times, but I didn’t, I couldn’t. Rather than be honest I hid all summer behind my phone and I became some desperate fool for a girl I should have already been with. I should’ve told you all those times that I loved you, and yes I still do. I was heart broken when I heard you were with Will, but its ok. I am for you always, and want you to above all else know that you are never alone. I want the best for you, and thank you for everything. I still catch myself going back to the nights we stayed up talking and the campout night, how we laid on our backs and watched the stars, why I didn’t just say how I felt I may never know, I guess I was afraid because of my own fear of rejection, lame I know. Any way thanks, and you’ll always be the coolest girl I have ever met.


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