Figured out the unicorn scam Carrie Angie Kirsten

Figured out the unicorn scam Carrie Angie Kirsten

Figured out the unicorn scam Carrie Angie Kirsten

LTME postTo k lind, you are a hypocrite. You went back with your ex boyfriend. You used me to fill the time. Karma will bite you in the big ass you have. You use your kids as pawns. Horrible person. You are a liar with no heart wishing death on your ex husband. How evil are you?

To Carrie Hogue, you mess with men and waist their time. You use your looks to get what you want and are a liar. You use people. That is why you will one day be alone and wonder why no one wants you. You act more sophisticated than you are. You act better than others. Was funny being told me a hostess the other day I was better off because you were and are mean and no one at your favorite restaurant likes waiting on you. And they all notice you now bring a different guy in a lot. You waisted my time and money. So for that karma will come back at you that way.

Angie, you used me, stole from me, weren’t honest and apparently cheated and slept around on me. And used your son as well.

All of you lied, cheated and stole from me. But have no fear. I believe in karma and although I will never see it or know about it, I will be willing to bet karma will bite each of you in the ass. You are all low life. You are all bar flies. Leave good guys alone. You deserve bad guys to match who you are. After counseling I realize I lowered my standards to date each of you.

None were as cute as you thought, physically you didn’t do it for me and emotionally I realize you were all train wrecks that had daddy issues since none of your daddies stuck around or were around beyond teen years. I feel you take that out on guys. So peace out you low life crappy girls.


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