I will never be sorry.

I will never be sorry.

I will never be sorry.

LTME postS, I don’t care if this comes up in some google search and I’m not sending it to you, but it needs to be out there.

I never went into great detail why I had to leave you beyond saying I was unhappy and didn’t like how controlling you were.

I left because I felt miserable. Every week (for the final 2 months and to an extent before that) there was a new way for you to make me feel like I was nothing but your pet boyfriend. I stayed as long as I could because I loved you and wanted us to work; because you were often lovely and wonderful.

But if you didn’t like something or if anything didn’t go your way…I was afraid of you. The guilt trips, the over analysing, the insecurities and the petty moods. It was bow down to you or ‘there’s the door!’

You treated me like I was less than dirt. Spiteful/petty comments about things I do or friends I keep. Insulting me to my face & insulting my family. Telling me I’m not listening to you on purpose to hurt you. Bullying me into submission until I agreed with you.

How was that a way to live? Not to mention that you couldn’t even see that you were wrong sometimes until your friend (who you also treated like dirt) points it out. Then I get the essay texts which read that you’re sorry but not sorry…

Your sense of right and wrong is skewed and saying that you see things in black/white is messed up. Since day one I proved how much I cared for you while you continued to be negative.

I was such a fool. I let you walk all over me and never questioned it.

This might be ‘Cray-cray’ for you (honestly drop that crap, you sound like an idiot) but it’s the bitter truth.

I am not yours to be controlled and told what to do. I am no longer yours and I never will be again. I can see why your ex left you now…you need help.

YOU are the reason we didn’t work. So many promises made and time after time you let me down. Just because I don’t cry, didn’t mean I wasn’t hurting inside.

Robotic A


  1. K 4 years ago

    I just wanted to say how remarkable you seem to be. From reading this, you are the kind of guy I hope I will finally end up with someday. Keep believing in yourself, champ. Never settle for anything less than the very, very best!

    I’m sorry you had to go through a breakup at all, even if the relationship was toxic. But your unnamed gal is out there waiting! And she’ll admire your strength and honesty. -K đŸ™‚

  2. dl 4 years ago

    Was her name SKM she sounds very similar? You have been played too at the same time lol

  3. yoyo 4 years ago

    Gone through the same shit and broke up 3 weeks ago. But hey, we are the survivors out there!

  4. f&a 4 years ago

    I cant believe that you would try to belittle me yet once again you cant stand to be wrong “jenny block”… everything you acussed me of you was doing. I cant believe i was foolish and let you talk me into doing what we did im sorry i carred for the one person who i thought i could trust well turns out you know how to show your support and true colours. Well turns out i did care about you and I needed you last month on the 18th you blew me off kinda the way i did to shawn the day he hung him self. I kick my teeth out everyday for that just realize your turn to kick out your teeth with the passing of me. I just hope when you reed this you dont go down the same path iam going to take. You couldn’t love me you only did what you did to me so “cuz” can talk shit…. I might have went back to getting high so fucking what you you did to oh wait i forgot i had a bad memery, along wi h piss poor education, driving skills. I only told you becuz i was in the vehicle and you tryed paying attention to everything you shouldnt have been. (most importantly i tryed to show you how to make a few changes becuz of your two girl) but you couldn’t have been anymore full of nothing but drama see i tryed every fucking day with you i rubbed you everyday sometimes several times a day did you rub me hardly but it was okay i mean u know blah blah blah blah by the way i got my phone back from charlie. He said he got it from angie so i guess that your just like the rest of the people that are in my life for the timebing i will prove to you that im the mistake of you cant live without sorry and thank you for giving me a little bit of what it is to belike a stepparent the only way I will do that again is if im wanted there as much as I want to be there. And now im going to be happy to take carre of my shit. I will get out and find me a respectful woman who dont call me her ex, s names tell me how i aint a man. When you cant even be a responsible adult let alone a mother so yeah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah by the way i did not tell you this because you would have freaked out blew everything outta perporsion calm down and act like a fucking adult becuz your the one that needs to set an example for my little cold hands bestfriend cuz your spitting image has already been tought how to do everything needed todo what i cAn do the restt is pretty much just perfecting her skills talents and weekness. Maybe oneday you can find a nother uuutttahhhnnn that knows what is going on becuz he was tought that same stufff and blah blah blah blah but i dought it…….. Just an fyi dont punisher her especially from her friends that understand and let her talk with out you spilling the beans….. She knows what she needs listen to her and maybe maybe you’ll get a chance to see what happens when you get pulled out of class everyday and never let it be an excuse becuz us uuuuttttaaaahhhhnnnnns are one of a kinda unfergettable and can figure out how. How do you run a tree around a circle……. You dont you run a circle around the tree…. Little tip the only stupid question is the one that is not asked. (the tree is stashinary) but its all good i learnded in 9th grade dv only escalades think about that next time you go to hit your significant other they might not be a man and take it the several times you asalted me like i did. You dont want that around your girls i still would have done things the same and take your girls out of the room. I know how easly it is to have “boo” ptsd considered what i have been threw. Its okay ten years from now youll be 42 you know how old i will be and we both know if i can keep up you shere as fuck cant

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