You were my sun, but I was not your moon

You were my sun, but I was not your moon

You were my sun, but I was not your moon

LTME postDear Jordan, I’m writing you this letter because it still hurts, what you did to me. You took away my voice by just a smile you made me weak in my knees by the thought of your touch I was wrapped around your finger and you knew. But you took advantage of me you took my heart but kept giving it back more bruised than before you left me close to death but not dead I was alive but not living I was existing, in a world were I hated my self and felt I had no purpose because I gave my all to a girl and I still wasn’t good enough, to the one that cheated and left you but I respected you. Is that not enough for you?

I worshipped the ground you walked on I gave you everything no matter if I had nothing left you were my sun but I was not your moon I was star, a billion more to replace me..When? When did it become okay for promises to mean nothing and words to fall apart? when I love you turns to silence that tears me apart. I gave you my heart…And your still giving it back in pieces. But each piece I get stronger. I get a little less dependent on the text from you. I can breath on my own again. I still think of you It used to be of the humiliation to my pride, the hurt. How I gave you everything I could and you would up still treating me like dirt. I no longer think about you that way. I still miss you. But i no longer want you back. I miss the friendship the most. But your life has started somewhere else and so has mine. So for now ill write letters you’ll never read hopefully it’ll give me sleep at night.

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  1. Ghost 6 years ago

    There’s a YouTuber that goes by the name ‘Spetsnaz’ whose videos might help. Start with ‘Male Hurt – The Grey’ and see if you want to watch others.
    They helped me at least.

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