True Love’s Diss

True Love’s Diss

True Love’s Diss

LTME postI remember that day, two weeks before my birthday, when you told me you cheated on me. I remember that feeling of pure anger and frustration and disappointment and worst of all, heartbrake. I remember you crying and begging me not to leave you, and like the fool I was, I stayed. How could I let go of my first true move after all? That day changed me though Shrimp. It changed me in a big way. Gone were the days of pure unconditional love and happiness. I tried to pretend like it was ok, and for a time, it worked, but that pain always lingered. Summer rolled around and you went away for work while I stayed back and worked in our home city. When you came back, you were a completely different girl. Gone were the days of this beautiful, independent, and confident woman. When you returned, you were but a shell of yourself. Vain, petty, and desperate for affirmation of your beauty by anything that moved, yet I still stood by you Shrimp, like the fool I was. Fall rolled around, and we returned to college. We both hated the the fact that we lived 2 hours away from one another, but I always made sure it worked. You on the other hand, you just gave up. I still remember the day we talked for the first time in 2 weeks, little did I know it would be our last conversation as a couple. Hearing you tell me about how were with other guys while you were back in college, saying how you “needed that physical company that somstimes I can’t provide” absolutely destroyed me. Do you not think I ever felt the same way? At least I was a man and stood by my girl, even when sorrounded by others. You tried defending yourself and justifying what you did with other guys, even though I know you know deep down inside that you screwed up. It was at that moment, that I knew we were over. I loved you Shrimp, and what’s worse, I still stupidly love you. You didn’t just break my heart Shrimp, you tore it out of my chest and stomped on it, crushed it, and left it to beat it’s last best on the cold, hard floor. However, I thank you for this experience. I thank you for teaching what not to look for in a girl, I thank you for showing me how vain you can become,and I thank you for showing me true pain, because I promise you this, I will never hurt the next girl I’m with like you hurt me. Thank you for making me a better man, albeit it a heartbroken one. I wish you all the best.



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