Congrats, You Ruined Me.

Congrats, You Ruined Me.

Congrats, You Ruined Me.

LTME postA new home, a new city, and a new girlfriend living with you. While I’m stuck in the same city, surrounded by everything that used to be us. Someday you will figure out that trying to be “Superman” for every girl you meet is not working out for you. That only makes them dependent on you, and later leaves you looking desperately for ways to get out. I hope you figure this out one day before you continue to lose amazing women who could potentially be the ones. The fact that you had no idea how we could keep growing as a couple only shows me that you are immature, but mostly WEAK. Weak to give up at the first sign of hardship. We would’ve taken these steps together… but you decided to take them with someone who will NEVER know the REAL you.. As I sit here and write this letter, I think to myself how I CANT WAIT to get over you. While going through the process of healing, I get to watch you go from girl to girl, until you realize that the reason that you are not happy is because you hate yourself… you always have. I never judged you and took you as you were… I completely transformed and turned your life around, and for that you will remember me for the rest of your life. I also know that i didn’t lose you. You lost me, and you will search for me in everyone you meet but I won’t be found. Hope you have fun being anchored by someone who’s only setting herself, and yourself up for failure. I am ruined, but I put it on my soul that I will get back up. When that time comes that I can stand on my feet again, I do not want you at the finish line waiting for me. In the end, I hope she was worth it. I wish you well.

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  1. Karma 7 years ago

    angry aren’t we:

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