Setting him free

Setting him free

Setting him free

LTME-postDear ex,

I waited more than what you required of me to do because I love you.
Because of our situation I may have shortcomings.. maybe I wasn’t there when you needed me most..
I wish you told me the whole truth by then things may have been different or may be the same.. I don’t know.
My letter is not about who’s at fault why it didn’t work out, but its about setting you free.
I wish you found your true happiness & love. I just hope you wouldn’t do to anyone else what you did to me bec believe me, it really hurts a lot.
Pray for us that I may find a good man who will not cheat on me & will love our daughter the most.
I will also pray for you to be happy with her.
I hope someday me & your daughter will be okay.
I hope that someday is soon.
Wishing you well


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