Oh God why?!

Oh God why?!

Oh God why?!

LTME postTwo years ago, I cried of happiness when you told me you loved me back. Here I am now. Crying and wailing of despair because you broke my heart. How dare you love him more…I cared for you. I’m sorry my mental illness is took over. But I really did care. I loved you more than anything in the world. Now that you’re so deathly in love with him, I’m left here. In the worst time of my live. My best friend has gone. I don’t know if she’s dead or alive. I love her. No more than you. But you my priority. I tried so hard. Now you’re with someone you can’t have. I hate you and I love you. I’m not over you even though you’re well over me. Oh god.

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  1. Brian 6 years ago

    Hi there,
    Remember that love is only buried never lost and nobody *wants* to break up but over time they feel like they *have* to.
    It happened to me reccently. After 4 year she left me. We went through a rough patch, and I was suffereing from heavy depression. I’m sure she already has a new guy lined up. But she did try, she tried to make me the man she loved again.

    The point is, as much as we want to logically love someone, it’s all a matter of emotions.
    I don’t know your circumstances, but I imagine the spark died and someone else gave her what she felt needed.

    Nobody is obliged to stay with us just because we are ill, they are a person too and they have to choose what’s right for them. I too feel as though I have lost everything, she was my best friend too and she treated me like no-one else ever has.

    The best thing is to pinpoint what went wrong, with no excuses on your part and work on those aspects. Be the best you that you can be.

    I won’t give you false hope, but time heals wounds and feelings change. For now, you are what matters.

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