I’m a jerk.

I’m a jerk.

I’m a jerk.

LTME postHi, how’s work going with you? i’m sure you’re doing a great job out there, it’s been a while, i really miss you.
few things i wish i could tell you:
1. i cheated on you so many times, No you’re not the only girl i’ve touched during those 5-6 years, and when i told you that i didn’t touch any other girl after our break-ups i was lying.
2. That pendant you gave me on my birthday, i gave it to a girl, she bought me something, i didn’t have anything to give her back, so that’s what i did, i’m sorry.
3. I love you, i swear i do, but sometimes, i talked to you only for the “physical thing”, i know how sacred that was for you but for me sometimes it was just like that, especially the last 2 years or so, i mainly texted you so we can sleep together again, i admit being with you was the most beautiful thing on earth, but i didn’t know that back then.
4. i got into a whole relationship with other girl during that time i told you we need a break, yeah it continued for like 9 months, i dumped you for that girl.
5. When i told you we have no future because i don’t think of anything serious before like 10 years and bla bla bla, guess what? i was lying, it was because i didn’t think you’re enough, i swear i loved you but i don’t know why i think you weren’t enough.
6. every song i shared with you, i shared it with plenty other girls, and that song that was playing during our first kiss, that i promised i won’t share it with anyone else, i shared it, many times.
7. Last time you were at my place, there was another girl in the same bed the day before.
There are so many other things i want to confess about, i can’t remember.
after all these years, i want to say, i love you, and it aches my heart when i think that you’re out there with someone else kissing you, i know i can get you back and i want to, but i don’t see a future for us.

Anyway, You’re the only girl i have ever loved, and this isn’t a lie..

Btw, i meet you in a dream every night, and i tell you “holwak ya rouh” every night too, you know what i mean.

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  1. s 7 years ago

    Never ever tell this “girl” what you just typed it will mess her up.

    You did not love this person otherwise you wouldn’t of done what you did.

    Karma my friend. And i don’t mea to be harsh but seriously… You will some where down the line be played like a fool and more.

    I hope you will learn a valuable lesson out of what you did to this poor girl. She had a lucky escape.

    I’m sure you already know what an awful human you truly are.

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