Take A Hike

Take A Hike

Take A Hike

LTME postTo THAT Asshole,

Been a good time since I’ve been without you. Have met many new friends and still have the ones that I met during our relationship. You however have lost many of those because you’re a selfish cunt. I don’t use that word much, but you truly deserve it. I traveled to another country for you when you were abroad, stuck by you when my friends and family told me to cut you off, and have been there for you anytime you needed. Looking back I realize I was only doing things for you as time went on. No guy should ever be treated that way, especially when they do everything they can to make you happy. You said one day you wanted to marry me and like a fool i believed it. Now you are with some other dude a month after we break up after dating for more than a year. Complaining to other people who know our relationship doesn’t mean shit when they all know you were the person in the wrong. I mean your best friends are all on my side. What does that tell you. Breaking up with me because you can’t stand long distance because I had Army training to go to just shows you’re not a loyal person. Who would want to date that? Im gonna take my happy ass to the Army next year and graduate Infantry and Ranger School as big old fuck you to what you thought we had. Im sure I will find another girl who appreciates a man that does everything for his girlfriend while serving his country. Deuces to the man you used to know, you will never get to know his success without having to drag your ass.

American Soldier


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