To My Princess x

To My Princess x

To My Princess x

LTME postHey Babe,

So, I find it really helps recently to write things down, and i know how much you appreciate handwritten letters so ill do my best to be grammatically correct here too.

Melissa, where do i begin, In a few hours ill be up in the air thinking of my princess, probably sifting through moose game and date night pictures. “Love never dies, it just sometimes needs time to hide” i heard that recently, sounded fitting. Hope you have a great time with your friends and get all the break and rest you need. I promised it wouldn’t apologise for anything in this letter. But in the past i’ve not respected your space perhaps the way i should, However I’m now ready to give that to you.

“When Emotions run high, Logic runs low” i heard that recently too, and it just made perfect sense.

Do you remember the name we gave to those sheep btw, how they were never invited to the party but just showed up and ruined it for everyone !! haha that memory really made me laugh today. Anyways i just more than anything wanted to wish you a happy christmas and happy new year,

“Something amazing” however is the most fitting thing i’ve heard recently though, Somethings in this world you cant create naturally, It either happens or it doesn’t. Chemistry, Attraction, it just happens between two people who are meant to be in each others life, and well. You are reading this after all.

you see you always say i talk to much, but all a man has is his words. And so i can only write this down and promise you that the man you fell for, the one who cuddled you when you got stressed when your mum couldn’t pick you up, the one who helped you move apartments just to be near you, the one who cuddled you to sleep in my arms on the first night we met. the one that played with your hair because he know it made you sleep easier. That he’s writing a letter right now.

I never want to run out of time, or opportunities. To tell you exactly how beautiful you really are.
My beautiful princess

Happy Holidays.


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