To The Love Of My Life…Sara

To The Love Of My Life…Sara

To The Love Of My Life…Sara

LTME postForever gone.
Much to my despair & dismay
It was a Love like no other,
Once in a lifetime journey.
Chemistry so strong,
Raw & yet such beauty,
Two souls now mirrored,
Our hearts now entwined,
My darling what have I done!
Disagreements not addressed
Not sorted there & then.
Honesty is the best policy.
For when calm & collective,
Coming from a place of Love,
What follows would not be.
Much to my own demise,
These pent up emotions,
From too much heartache,
My anguish soon to erupt😟
Boiling point reached.
No No Not now! Not never!
Too little to late…
Words now spew forth,
My composure discredited,
Irrespective Right or Wrong,
Never should they be spoken!
To any you love.
I’m better than this!
Harsh words now unfiltered,
With wrongful intent,
To late for once said,
Nor able to take back. Realising to late!
Diminishing what was pure,
Fracturing her heart,
Self sabotaging my own.
Her thoughts now of disdain,
Myself to only blame,
No excuses given nor needed,
A grand mistake.
Her trust in me now broken.
Her once contagious smile,
Once irradescent blue eyes,
Pierce my shattered soul,
For this is the final act.
Words cannot describe,
The hollow feeling inside.
My Queen,
My Love.
Where has she gone?
Realisation of what is now not
My parting gift to you.
My eternal silence…..

Broken Heart


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