Fall 2009

Fall 2009

Fall 2009

LTME postDear Maya,
I remember when we first say you in the school auditorium I was like “man she is so beautiful” you were someone out of all the girls in the school I wanted for sure to be mine. I never have and still til this day ever look at a girl for the first time and said I truly want you and mean it with every word. Man and then we started to talk and I immediately wanted you to be my girlfriend. Fall 2009 was a great season. Fall is when the leaves on the trees turn to the most beautiful colors. Full of life and love you remind me of fall a beautiful vibrant girl. That season was when I meet you and we shared something I will never forget. We were happy we saw every movie in the world, we cook, we played, we made love life was great. We were happy and excited to have met one another. But things started to fall apart piece by piece. You couldn’t leave your ex bf alone, you couldn’t leave any boy alone. You just changed into a person I looked at with hurt and pain full of regrets. I can honestly say I was a great guy to you I respected you but you could not be loyal to me. You settled down and decided you want to change but you only would change for a month or two than your back. But no matter what I said by your side. We had a beautiful baby girl that I love so much. When we had her I thought we could be a family for ever but you ended up leaving me for another guy and a year later pregnant with his child and now you have two kids. And he has hurt you more than anyone combined. I am at a place now we’re I am at peace. I have new beginnings in my life and I just want to be the best man for our daughter. I believe now that we are separated I love you now. I didn’t love you as much as I do now. God loves us and part of that love I believe is free will. God won’t abandon us if we run from him or love us less he let’s us make that choice not him. I can’t control your life or make you come to me and change and start over and maybe be a family I can’t. And I love you to let you go your free will. Make your own decisions and live your life even if I’m not included in it. When u left me I wasn’t hurt because you left me for him I was hurt because you left me after all I put up with for you from that day you left until you first started hurting me. I forgive you and wish the best for you. No one on earth is capable of loving you the way I can. Life is more than material items cars money etc. If u have all of that and no love you miserable and empty find your love. I want you to be happy I do. I would love to be your friend and someone you can talk to because at the end of it all we have a child and I want her to be able to see mommy and daddy are not together but they are here for me together 100%. No matter what you did in the past and you know what that is I forgive you and I wish you well. I just want someone to make you happy and I want you to be the best woman to that man love him respect him and be faithful to him. You mean so much to me and knowing you are being mistreated breaks my heart but everything will be all good for you just wait and see love.

Love you always Maya


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