To the girl who took my place

To the girl who took my place

To the girl who took my place

LTME postTo the girl that thinks she is falling in love with you:
I was the girl that the your love of your life loved before you. But even if you may not know me, I know you. Doesnt it feel so good having him there by your side? Doesnt it feel good when he walks you to class or kisses you goodbye? Or maybe the way he holds you in his arms? I know the feeling. Heres a few things you might want to know about him before you get started. I mean lets face it. he doesnt have the balls to admit any of this to you so i will. He is stubborn as hell. He wont listen to you when you tell him that he needs to be not such a dare devil. He doesn’t like spooning. He’d rather lay face to face and have you in the nook of his body. He gets hot easily so he might be on the outside of the blanket, and he doesn’t get upset if you steal the covers. He wont be the first to say sorry. He isnt into romance. He’s one of the few guys that could honestly care less if your makeup is off and your clothes look sloppy; you’re still just as beautiful to him. His mother is beautiful. You’ll learn to see that his mom might just be second best to your mom in terms of what she does for her children. His dad is his hero and is the embodiment of the “man of the house”. Family is everything to him. he takes the world one day at a time and you’ll have to be patient sometimes. But dont let that go to your head though he isnt who he says he is. Every fight you have with him it will seem like youre losing him because you are.. hes pushing you away. truth is he doesnt want to be loved. he doesnt think he deserves to be loved. He is the biggest flirt youll ever meet.. If you dont believe me check the Senior Superlatives for biggest flirt, he won. He will never take a conversation that you have with him seriously. He doesnt know how to love someone. Hes a fighter, and by fighter i mean every little thing turns into an argument. Half the time when you tell him you love him he will say “me too”, you deserve more than just “me too”. you deserve more than what he is going to give you. Every girl he has been with he has cheated on. Hes the type of guy that will say he will change but it wont happen. I assure you that. Hes the type of guy that will tell you he loves you but be kissing someone in between classes when youre not there. you deserve more than that. I might be selfish in writing this but I meant what I said when he told me your news; I do hope that he treats you better than he treated me. I hope loves you more than he said he loved me.


  1. B 5 years ago

    My intentions were real . Yes your right It was all me & I hear all you say. I don’t expect you to understand why I’m now silent. Please believe I did it for you. I’ve never swayed or been with another. I’ll always love you That’s a promise..

    • lulu 5 years ago

      Love me till it hurts, never let me go… catch me while i fall … never say no… treat me like your queen and ill treat you like a king,…you never have to worry about your self, im here to protect you… but my wall is down so i need you to do the same for me…

  2. Let It All Out 5 years ago

    Bravo, spiteful girl are we
    Broken before me
    Bi polar by chance
    Be gone Liar liar
    Before me Before him Before who Before when Before Begone

  3. anony 5 years ago

    you and i must have dated the same man lol. the newbies must always learn for themselves, and the length of time it takes before she sees what lies beneath his mask will depend on her. your warnings will mean nothing to her, because she would prefer to think you are jealous than to believe that her new man could have “loved” somebody else the same. of course he hurt you, and of course he will continue to hurt others… past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. but unfortunately, all women must live the experience to understand it. i hope you find somebody better who will truly love you… we all deserve that.

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