Time, Time, Time heals wounds they say

Time, Time, Time heals wounds they say

Time, Time, Time heals wounds they say

LTME postHey,

Two months on I look back and see the pit I am slowly climbing out of. Everyone says time heals all wounds, it will be ok in time, you will look back on this and laugh………. What good is that to me when I am searching for answers to why this happened. I broke up with you in a discussion that turned into a fight, I realised I made a mistake and we talked about getting back together the next day. I still believe that we would not of broken up if we had the talk the next day when we would of been calm.

My question is why did you never think about giving us a second chance…. From the moment we broke you seemed up for talking it out and working on us, since then you shut me out with “I don’t have time” or “Give me space” finally after three weeks you told me it was over and to move on. I am slowly climbing out of the pit of darkness and still wonder what would of happened had we at least discussed all our issues that were affecting us. You never gave us a chance, you never gave us the time…. for that I can never understand.

As the days move on it hurts to see my love fading, I am at a point now where I want to move on, I want to accept that we are finished and never getting back together. What could of been between us will be never be seen, never talked about. I wish you well in your life and hope the same for me. This is my goodbye to us and what we had. I loved you with all my heart and life. I honestly thought you were the one.


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  1. Lips 4 years ago

    As your climbing out of the pit you notice a Man who looks like the Man you love(d) as he too is climbing out of the other side of the pit. Everything you’ve spoken about is exactly what I’ve gone through. As you were the one to end our relationship, then said don’t call me again………I honoured your request & when I have tried calling twice you’ve messaged back saying that you are over it. I did & have been committed to be in a relationship with you. I’ve gone to self help group classes, psychologists, both on a weekly basis to be a better Man. Not that I was bad, only how I spoke to you when upset & I never want to speak to anyone like that again & I won’t. I said I can’t do this anymore for I felt you had already moved on & I was in so much pain. How would I know as you haven’t been talking to me? I gave us many chances & I still right now want us to work & be together. Never have I not wanted you for I said your the ONE I love who I wish to travel this journey in life together. I meant it. This will give you the clue to know its me. I had your favourite coloured Peonies as there were none in WA. They were sent by airfreight from across the other side of the country on the remote chance I see you this Valentines Day today. I made a picnic & all. It’s been only four days since you’ve written this & Sweet heart I love you so much, speak to me my love for you can’t have lost the love in four days. I’ve believed in us in good faith for hope is what drove me to act on my promises that I said to you.


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